Willow Teachers

Jacki Akins 

Email: Director@cmlcmarin.com

Jacki's Favorite Things

Emma Dennett

Email:  Emma@cmlcmarin.com

Emma's Favorite Things

Room Parents

David Berends (Juniper)

Email: Davebere42@gmail.com

Phone: 415.261.7766

Tabitha Blagdon(Christian)

Email: tjlay23@gmail.com

Phone: 415-423-7089

Important Links

Guinea Pig Food

How can you and your child be involved in the care of our class pet? We would LOVE for you and your child to be involved with feeding our little friend. If you would like to bring in one of the below “safe” food items, please do so any day of the week! You can also sign up here on the wiki! The more the merrier!


Here are acceptable guinea pig treats:

Green Cabbage
Red Cabbage
Swiss Chard



This is a wonderful opportunity for families to help make our classroom more beautiful. Each Monday or Tuesday one family has the opportunity to bring in 10-12 cut flowers. The child of this family will then help arrange and place the flowers throughout the classroom.

Birthday Reading

Birthdays are so special for toddlers and preschoolers. In an effort to not confuse these young children whose concept of birthdays is so fresh and naïve, we propose instead of celebrating specific birthdays, to offer a special day during the year where parents will be encouraged to sign up on the Portal to come in and read your child’s favorite book to the class.  If your child is at school on the anniversary of his/her birth, we will celebrate by singing happy birthday during snack or lunch.  Please speak with the teachers about arrival time. Thank you.

Natural Classroom

  • Please sign up to accompany the class during their weekly exploration at Tiburon Audubon Sanctuary. All NC days occur on Friday for this school year. Please drop off and pick up at the Sanctuary. Volunteers should arrive 15 minutes before class to confer with teachers about the plan for the day.

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