Please be assured that all staff and teachers at Curious Minds Learning Center are well trained in how to handle emergency situations, including earthquake preparedness, fire safety/evacuation, and general procedures in an emergency. All teachers have been trained in CPR and First Aid. We also conduct fire and earthquake drills regularly and keep a record of these drills on file. CMLC also has a fire sprinkler system throughout the building.


If you are volunteering at school, take note of the emergency exit procedures that are posted in each classroom, or ask the teacher if you have any questions about how to evacuate the building.

The information in this section of the handbook outlines our emergency plan, so that school and home can work cooperatively in an emergency situation.


What Teachers Do If There Is a Fire

• Gather children

• Do a head count

• Exit immediately, after checking that the door is not hot. If the hall is smoky, drop to the floor and crawl out.

• Move to the front of the building where the lit exit signs are. Exit through the front door, directly towards the parking lot.

• Adults and children follow the sidewalk that runs in front of the shops and meet outside Book Passage. Teachers will count children. Once children have been counted the supervising adult will lead the children into the Book Passage (51 Tamal Vista Boulevard), and take refuge there.

• Do not re-enter the building.


What Teachers Do If There Is an Earthquake

During a major or moderate earthquake, the greatest immediate hazard to people in or near a building is the danger from falling objects.

If indoors: Stay indoors. Move away from windows, shelves, and heavy objects or furniture that may fall. Children and teachers should drop down and cover their eyes. If you are in an area with windows, turn away from the windows, kneel alongside a wall, and clasp hands firmly behind neck.

Do not go outdoors until the “all clear” signal is given. This signal will come from the supervisor in charge.

If outdoors: Stay outdoors. Move to an open area away from the buildings and overhead power lines. Lie down or crouch low to the ground.


What Parents Need to Know for an Actual Emergency – Fire or Earthquake

• Children will be kept in the safest location at the school until they are reunited with their families.

• If conditions are severe enough, students may be sent home before the scheduled dismissal time. This circumstance will be conveyed directly by the program director to parents over the phone.

• If authorities have determined that occupation of the school is unsafe, the adults and children will move to our evacuation site at The Book Passage (51 Tamal Vista Boulevard), and take refuge there.

• Assuming phone lines are working, do not call the school. The school will call all parents in the following order: injured children first and non-injured children second. At that time you will be given instructions on picking up your child. You are of course welcome to come directly to the school to pick up your child before receiving our phone call.

• Even in an emergency pick up situation all parents are required to sign out their children on the sign out sheet. Full name, in ink, and time are required.

• Please note it is very important that you have an additional authorized person who is listed on your forms and able to pick your child up in case of an emergency. We are not able to release your child to anyone who is not listed on your forms. This includes grandparents, other parents in our community and immediate family who are not listed.

• If telephones are not working, please come to pick up your child at the locations listed below:

o Curious MInds Learning Center

o If Curious Minds Learning Center is compromised the pick up will be at ''The Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd. '' • Teachers will work cooperatively with the appropriate local agencies to ensure the best possible emergency services are available.

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